stateofrealestateAcross the emerging markets, real estate is coming of age. Infrastructure development, young demographics and strong economic fundamentals have fueled the rapid growth of property sectors in these regions.  As a result the counties are fast emerging as the next frontier for property investors.

Kenya as a Country is land of massive opportunities, it is destined for great progress. Lately we have seen investors from Germany, China, Israel, Turkey and many other countries flocking to Kenya to Zero in on real estate Opportunities available. We as Kenyans need to open our eyes wide, see these opportunities and seize them. We have key real estate niches that one can pick and build a business empire like no other;

These include:

This is where you act as a link between the property owner and the buyer. As an agent you need to build your brand as honest, professional and truthful. We have millions of property owners who desperately want to sell and on the other side we have millions who are desperately looking for genuine properties. You can take a challenge to be the HONEST BROKER and build your domain.

In Kenya, we have hundreds of residential and commercial houses coming up. The developers are keen on getting good, focused and efficient managers to manage those massive investments. These services include follow up on rent collection, payment of rates and rents, managing the entire building, cleaning services and all other such services that ensures that the building is pleasant to the tenants. The opportunities in management are massive and up for grabs

This is among the prime opportunities available in Kenya. It will be extremely profitable for qualified individuals to set up a credible consortium. The consortium should have an Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Building Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Architect any other skill deemed fit by the group. This make the potential developers consider such formation as it reduces time taken looking for all these skills required in construction development. It will be vital to register such construction company with National Construction Authority The second level Opportunities is where developer constructs houses for sale. The demand for low cost housing in Kenya is massive. Anyone who venture on the low cost will make a good return on condition that one capitalizes on volume

Mortgage Companies
Many potential investors who need funding have no time to look, have paper work done and get the best mortgage deal there is in Kenya. There exists a huge opportunities to come up with the Mortgage companies to source, advise, do paperwork and run errands on behalf of the clients. This will open up the mortgage uptake in Kenya

Commercial Buildings
The demand for offices, commercial buildings, warehouses, in Kenya is real. There are opportunities in this area, this is being fueled by the current huge government investment on infrastructure. The demand for warehouses will rise as the Mombasa and Lamu port come into shape in terms of expansion and efficiency.

The residential building for rent is a big opportunity in Kenya. Approximately 80% of Kenyans are on rental houses. With the current 1,000,000 people being born every year, it means that the demand can only go up yet the supply is limited. This is where the entrepreneurs needs to Zero in and provides rental houses.

Why Kenyans Should Right Invest Now
The growth in real estate in Kenya is mainly driven by a huge housing deficit being experienced in housing in Kenya. Currently, the Kenya urban population is growing at an aver-age rate of 4.2% annually resulting in a demand of about 150,000 new housing units every year. The market is only supplying about 20,000 units per year, leaving a huge deficit. In Nairobi alone, the housing deficit stands at 80,000 units annually according to the Planning and Housing Executive Committee.

This factors present a superb opportunity for those wishing to invest in property in Kenya. With rental returns having grown by 9.7% over the past year and property prices having increased 3.46 times over the last 15 years, the prospect of making a neat return on investment real estate in Kenya is given.

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