The government of Kenya on 21st April 2022 launched a tree planting restoration program at Ngong hills forest to kick start his plan of planting 15 billion trees by 2032. The initiative will help address environmental concerns such as deforestation, degradation and climate change.

Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather and thus interpreting the provision of basic services. With emphasis on reforestation, afforestation and tree planting, the initiative also promotes of indigenous tree species to enhance biodiversity and support ecosystem restoration.

Optiven Limited captained by their Chief Executive George Wachiuri led a team of investors to their premiere project at Ngong in line with the Sustainable Development Goals on sustainability. The Optiven Foundation Environmental Protection pillar pursues environmental sustainability which involves making decisions and taking action that are in the interests of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capabilities of the environment to support human life.

During the event at Achiever’s Paradise, George Wachiuri shared the importance of the activity to be held at the project and that is tree planting. “While building, I encourage green building. Do not build on the whole project and I encourage the use of gutters.” He noticed that roofing with gutters since we have limited rains within the year helps one harvest water for future use and also encourages recycling.

Optiven were recognised under the Environmental Protection pillar for their Economic Social Governance blueprints and we’re recognised on the “Green Tech Project of the Year 2022”. The awards by The Kenya Professional Realtors Association came as Optiven is looking to further sustainably manage its projects with emphasis on value additions that embrace circular economy. This value addition includes the solar lighting, trees and green spaces, digital meters and biodigesters.

So how do you plant a tree?

  • Do not damage the plastic paper as it needs to be recycled.
  • Dip the tree under water until you see bubbles – This is the water occupying the airspaces.
  • After you see bubbles, pick up the seedling and mould the tree all round to loosen the plastic paper.
  • Turn the tree upside down and easily remove the paper which can be recycled.
  • When going to plant, water the ground before placing your seedling and finally water.

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