Nairobi Mombasa expressway

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has launched beaconing of a mega 6 lane expressway that will connect Mai Mahiu – Suswa to Chumvi, Mombasa Road, near Machakos Junction. This road corridor will be right adjacent to one of Optiven’s super value added projects, Victory Gardens .Funded by the US Government, this expressway will ease traffic along Mombasa Road and make movement of persons and goods much easier.

Those who had a chance to invest in the Kitengela area where the expressway will be snaking by, (only 1.5km from Victory Gardens) will be laughing all the way to the bank as property prices hikes due to the new mega infrastructure.  In the recent past, property appreciation has been experienced in Kenya, for instance during the expansion of the Eastern and Northern Bypasses as well as Thika Super Highway.

With the rising demand in housing, investors in Victory Gardens, Imani Breeze, Silver Gardens and other projects by Optiven will witness what once was promised by Optiven Group CEO Mr George Wachiuri; “A sure return on investment.”

Construction work for this expressway is projected to start early 2020.

What more? The Government of Kajiado County has commenced the design of Oloolotikosh Kitengela-Kajiado Water Supply and Sewerage System, which again, is only 3km of Victory Gardens.

These twin infrastructural developments are now bound to turn Kajiado County and its environs, into a gold mine for real estate investors.

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