We are extremely pleased by the County Government of Machakos for having an ear for the cry of its people. The access road to Rafiki Gardens (Formerly Blessed Gardens) is now being murrumed. The murrum will run from the tarmac and proceed 5km inside.

This means that though Rafiki Gardens is limited Value added, the value will definitely go up to all those investors who bought. It is a big Blessings to those who are also building their homes as the access will be easier. In Africa, well developed infrastructure directly attracts development.

This very project is also within the Nairobi Metropolis as it’s not affected by the current cessation of movement.

With this new development, those who bought Rafiki Gardens will enjoy a double appreciation in less than 7 years. From a purchase value of Kshs. 395,000 to a current property value of above Ksh. 700, 000, whoever plans to resale now will have a hearty laugh to the bank.

We thank all our customers who joined the Optiven family through Rafiki Gardens

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