You have finally got your piece of land. You probably had to use all your savings to secure that ideal piece of land and you are thinking what next? How can I get back what I used considering this is not really going to generate income to me on a daily as a small business would do. Confusing right?

Worry not.

Here with I will share with you a few ways on how you can make money from your piece of land.

  • Lease – renting your piece of land for a period of time can be lucrative and also less intense on other ways of making money since there is not much labor involved. You can rent out your space to farmers for a certain period of time but this would depend on your agreement and what they want to grow. It could also be used as a space for recreational purposes – camping, team building e.t.c for this is your clientele are likely to be large groups, families and friends. Rental of land would be practical and beneficial only if you have several pieces of land.
  • Agriculture – opting to do fruit and vegetable growing in your piece of land. This would depend on the fertility of your soil as not many crops can grow in any area. Some crops that you could opt to grow may include tomatoes, onions, greens(skuma wiki, spinach and cabbage). Having this guarantees you income once they are fresh and ready and you could identify a particular market where you can always deliver your products from time to time and get money out of it. The advantage of this is you can not only sell the vegetables but you can also use them for yourself.  Thats a win win.
  • Livestock- Ever thought of having livestock in your farm? You might want to consider this. Cows, Goats, Chicken are really good options for livestock farming. How? Keeping cows you  can sell the milk that it produces or the meat – but this  would depend on the type of cow you want to keep that is either dairy or beef. Their waste can also be sold as manure – many people look for manure to boost the growth of their crops, so that too would be a plus. Raring chicken (poultry farming) too can earn you some income as you can raise chicken for eggs but before you do that you may want to know how to build a chicken coop. Other animals you can keep include goat, pigs
  • Building – coming up with a small cabin or bed and breakfast on your property and rent it out at affordable prices.

I hope the tips above make an impact to you and guides you on making money from your piece of property.

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