By Paul Gachau Karuri

It is as a result of my deep quest to settle my family at an ideal location that I learnt of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace. I first learnt of it from the internet while window shopping for a piece of land along Kamiti Corner and Bypass.mHaving lived somewhere along Kamiti Road, I truly do appreciate just how ideal and prime, any property around this part of Kiambu is.

Even more importantly, there are Three (3) motivations that completely captivated me about Amani Ridge the Place of Peace: Here we go:

  1. Accessibility of Amani Ridge: This is a wonderful place in terms of convenience of accessing. You can easily access it from Thika Super Highway, or even Kiambu Road. What’s more, Eastern Bypass zooms just by. Nairobi CBD is also a quick ride away.
  2. Serene Environment and the natural aesthetic designs: This is a place like none other in terms of how it is shaping up. It is surely living up to its promise of being the ultimate place of peace, and even so, very family friendly.
  3. Provision of Gated Community Security and the self-contained amenities (Provision of Community Centre, Club House and 7 community Orchards): This means that apart from safety; the entire place is a big home for the many families that will be living here. The provision of these aforementioned amenities only solidifies this autonomous environment within the walls of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.

For me, family comes first. And as such, I want to offer my family the best environment that there can be. I am glad that Amani Ridge is gradually being shaped into a family haven. It has been a motivation for all of us. It gives us a sense of ownership while offering priceless psychotherapy, away from daily life pressures.

Amani Ridge will offer you and your family, an unmatched residential solution. It is a place of genuine tranquility.

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