Kajiado town has been undergoing a property boom since 2011. Optiven real estate, a company that was awarded the overall winner and the best company in real estate 2014/2015 has been the leading developer in this county. The town is strategically located, with 10 banks and over 10 universities in the area. Additionally, there are a number of hotels being set up in the area.

Kajiado town is an explosive economic and real estate hub and this is evidenced by the residential and commercial development taking place in the area. A major contribution to Kajiado’s growth is population growth in Nairobi, which resulted in a need for housing as well as an industrial zone. The town’s proximity to Tanzania has also placed Kajiado at an advantage.

Kajiado benefits from the presence of huge factories that employ thousands of employees. The railway line passes at the heart of Kajiado town. The cost of materials for construction is affordable, making Kajiado Township a center of real estate development. Eden Gardens, a project of Optiven Ltd, is one the leading projects in the area. Other projects that Optiven has in the area are Glory Gardens, Tumaini Gardens, Dollar Point, Shekinah Gardens, Victory Gardens Phase 1, 2 and 3.

The Kajiado airstrip, which targets tourists headed to Amboseli and neighboring Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is also another aspect that makes Kitengela the place to be. This will open up the town more than ever before. Eden gardens is just a few kilometers from the proposed airport.

Investors are also attracted to Kajiado town because of the prevailing peace and co-existence of different communities. The town is 75 km from Nairobi. The town’s growth is so fast that investors have seen their investments grow to millions in just five years. This trend is expected to continue for decades to come. A major contribution to Kajiado’s growth is population growth in Nairobi resulting to a need for housing as well as an Industrial zone.

Optiven is among real estate companies that have been at the forefront in matters development in the area. The company has drilled boreholes, developed roads, drifts, planted thousands of trees and helped thousands of Kenyans enjoy value added properties Kajiado town is the real city of the future. If you dream of being a part of it, the time is now.

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This article is written by George Wachiuri, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, CEO Optiven Limited, Group Trustee Optiven Foundation www.georgewachiuri.com.