Late last year, we met this customer who visited Amani Ridge the Place of Peace. It was love at first sight for him. As he would later confess, he truly liked this project’s good unpolluted atmosphere, its enchanting ridges and the project’s strategic location.

This customer would later came to us with an unusual idea: “Why can’t Optiven Group allow some of us who are suppliers, consultants and businesses people to supply materials such as sand, quarry stones, do CCTV installation, install Galvanized Steel Water Tanks, Security Razor Wire Fence, do landscaping, supply solar lights, in exchange of a property at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace?” he posed.

He called his idea, barter trade. We knew of this concept, as a thing that worked very well in the olden times of Scottish Economist Adam Smith. We were a little hesitant.

But he wasn’t letting go. He told us that he could supply quality stones equivalent to the value of two quarter plots at Amani Ridge the place of Peace.

See here, a projected view from an Amani Ridge architect

He was sounding very convincing. But even more so, he had this desire to own a property at this project, written all over his face. This desire on his part, was so noble, that you could vividly see the value that he attached to the prospects of settling his family in this leafy corner of Kiambu.

Perhaps this is what warmed our hearts to his idea – his deep desire to gift his family with one of the best habitats. Optiven went ahead to allow him to supply quarry stones. And indeed, he went ahead to supply some quality quarry stones that marked the onset of our 9 feet tall wall to this project, now known as The Wall of Peace. This wall is now a further extension of the magnificent Amani Ridge gate that Optiven recently completed.

Watch the video below

A couple of months later, we are now being approached by a few more top suppliers who want a similar arrangement. With some prior vetting, we have allowed some suppliers to go ahead with their proposed supplies, since this concept rhymes perfectly with our vision of economically and socially empowering and transforming the society.

If you are interested in this arrangement get in touch with any of our Optiven family members and we shall set a Zoom or a physical meeting with you and our Engineers.

For more information about this concept, please contact:

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