KEY STEPS to follow in order to participate and qualify for the Optiven Dance Challenge

1. Watch the Optiven Dance video ABOVE.

2. Read the Full Guidelines and Terms below.

3. Record your dance videos , post them on social media then SUBMIT ALL the social media LINKS  on the form below. You MUST TAG @optivenlimited and put the hashtag #OptivenDanceChallenge  in all your videos

4. To be Awarded, we will do a TOTAL NUMBER of VIEWS on all your Optiven Dance Challenge videos on all platforms posted.

5. Progress on VIEWS achieved will be shared after every 2 WEEKS

6. The AWARDEES will be ANNOUNCED on 19TH July 2022

7. The ANNOUNCED AWARDEES will be Crowned and handed over their TITLES on 23rd July 2022


Kindly Read Terms and Conditions Below Before Filling Out the Registration Form

Type of Event

The event will run for 60 days (18th May 2022 to 18th July 2022)

What is the Optiven Dance Challenge?

The concept is to have a number of dancers dancing to the Optiven Anthem.  The groups will have to register their interest to participate to win the prize.  The top of the dancing challenge will be announced by Optiven Real Estate after the closure date.  The top of the dancing challenge  will receive their prizes at the Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven in Nanyuki, Laikipia County on 23rd July 2022.

Channels of Engagement

The dancing challenge will be run on the following channels

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. TikTok

Identification of Top of the Challenge  

The top of the challege will be purely on views on all the channels.  The population of totals will be done by Digital Department at Optiven and be released every 2 weeks on the subsequent Monday at 4pm.  Please note the top of the challenge will be announced at the end of the Optiven Dance Challenge.

Entry to the Dancing Challenge

This will be done by prior registration on links that will be availed for the public.  The links will generate a specific automated code (for example OPDC : 001… OPDC : 002…, ) open to the participating teams in the dancing challenge to win the prizes.

Important dates to note

  • Launch : 18/5/2022  – OTC, Optiven Offices, Absa Towers, 2nd Floor
  • Closure :  18/7/2022 – Online
  • Awards:  23/7/2022  – The Great Oasis by Optiven, Nanyuki

Prize identification

The recommended prizes for the challenge will be plots of land.  Optiven will provide the transfer process and will be inclusive in the final prize.

The prizes agreed upon are as follows

  1. Top of the Dancing Challenge – ½ an acre plot (approximately 0.5) at The Great Oasis by Optiven located in Nanyuki, Laikipia County worth 1,300,000 million shillings (one point three million shillings only) inclusive of transfer fee.
  2. Second runners up – 1/8 an acre plot (approximately 0.45) at Prosperity Gardens by Optiven located in Konza Municipality, Machakos County worth 795,000/- shillings (seven hundred and ninety five thousand shillings only) inclusive of transfer fee.
  3. Third runners up – 1/8 an acre plot (approximately 0.45) at Wema Gardens by Optiven located in Naro Moru Municipality,  Laikipia County worth 399,000/- shillings (three hundred and ninety nine thousand shillings only) inclusive of transfer fee.
  4. Certificates: The awards will include certificates of participation for all.
  5. Position 4,5,6 – Those in positions 4, 5 and 6 to receive hampers that will have Optiven merchandise
  6. Presentation Date: All prizes will be presented to the top of the dancing challenge on 23/7/2022.

Dance Challenge Title Deeds

Samples for the design of the titles to be issued at the end of the Dance Challenge will be displayed on boards and hanged in an accessible space within the Optiven premises at Absa Towers.  The display is to promote authenticity and accountability

The Awarding Ceremony

The awarding ceremony will be done at The Great Oasis by Optiven in Nanyuki . To participate in the Optiven Dance Challenge, you are required to agree to the terms and conditions above.


By accepting terms and conditions it allows Optiven to keep you updated on our activities that may include jobs available, our new products and Optiven events. The data will not be shared with any other third parties.

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