The best news in town is that the Subtitles for investors at Achievers Paradise by Optiven, ARE HERE!!! 

As Optiven continues to keep it’s promise of ensuring customers receive their title deeds, we are grateful that this development now means we begin the process of transfer to individual investors. On the way forward now is if you invested in this great jewel in Ngong Kimuka, this is the time to reconfirm your details for the title deed to enable us begin the transfer process to your name.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are also encouraging those ready to start building their dream homes, to get their plans and approvals ready because going forward Achievers Paradise by Optiven is ready to build.

The entire Optiven family sends our special Congratulations to all our esteemed investors and once again, welcome to the Optiven Family. Be a part of the community at Achievers Paradise by Optiven.

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