The 766-meter Wall of knowledge is the fourth and the very final phase of perimeter wall construction at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace, conveniently helping to converge nature, serenity and luxury into one ecosystem that is now your future home!

Today, our head of projects was on the ground to do a quality check on this wall construction and to lay the groundwork for next week’s activities.

Up next: In the month of September and October we are embarking on:

  1. Murraming of the Main internal avenues and pave way for next phase
  2. Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage approval (Design is on-going)
  3. Paving of the entire gated area with cabro plus Kebs painting
  4. 100% completion of 3.2Km perimeter wall within the project(10 feet, razor done)


Stay tuned right here for more updates. In the meantime, you can be part of this great Gated Community by simply getting in touch with us through:

Phone: 0790 300300 or 0723 400500