We thank God for Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo

We are extremely thankful for

  • Successful  registration, approval  & sign up at all levels  for  Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo Master Plan
  • All approval for the Master Plan & Change of User from agricultural  to residential  use.

We are now embarking on

  • Sub Title deeds processing for each plot.  We expect  the individual  deeds for  every property  to be ready by End of July as we promised.
  • Construction of the second big gate, having successfully finished  the first gate
  • Thereafter is construction of stone perimeter wall.


Having achieved  these, we shall change the offer price from 1st August 2024 (see the projected  prices on https://www.optiven.co.ke/properties/ocean-view-ridge-vipingo-by-optiven/

It’s crucial to note that Optiven is now offering  360° solutions to our customers where we are now building  for all our clients in all our projects.  (https://www.optivenhomes.co.ke)

Join the Optiven  Movement where we walk with you  until  you  have your home for yourself, renting or reselling.  We are your  hands, your advisor, your financial partner to make you  better & highly respected  person in your environment and society.

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