Great Oasis - Value Added Plots for sale in Nanyuki


What can you do on your large parcel of land that is perfectly situated just north of the Equator (0° 01′ North)? The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki  is located along the Nanyuki-Rumuruti Road, which has been proposed for tarmacking. Those who book early will get and secure a special price for their 1/8th acre , 1/4 acre,  1/2 acre , 1 acre and 5 acres properties.

Main Facts About This Property

  • Address: Nanyuki Township
  • Features: Three Star Project
  • Land use – Residential and Commercial Development
  •  Location
    • The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki is located at only 12 minutes from THE famous Cedar Mall and 8 min from Nanyuki training and referral hospital. 7 min from British Army and directly opposite Mt Kenya Wildlife Estate and slightly before Ol Pejeta Conservancy main entry gate.
  • Optiven PROMISE on this development
    • Borehole water
    • The entire project will be fenced with an electric fence.
    • Five gates will be installed.
    • A registered security firm will oversee the development, working alongside the project manager
    • Elevated water tank
    • Murram roads
    • 14 Strand Electric Marking fence
    • Theme Park (a replica of what Optiven has done in Kitengela –
  • Topography
    • Flat land, well drained, excellent gradient and good soil
  • Views and Sceneries
    • The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki has amazing sceneries that include; a clear view of Mt. Kenya & Aberdare Ranges, Lolldaiga Hills, and a nearby wildlife conservancy (ranch) that offers you a rare opportunity to view rhinos, cheetahs, and giraffes, amongst other wild animals at are just across of secured ranch


  • Water
  • Murram roads
  • Main electricity in the neighborhood
  • Public & Private Schools available in Nanyuki and environs
  • Town life on the vicinity
  • Along Nanyuki- Rumuruti Road due for tarmacking.

Top 20 business you can do in this project

  • Holiday homes
  • Petrol station
  • Houses for Rental
  • Houses development for sale to huge population in Nanyuki
  • Resorts
  • A hotel
  • A Mall
  • Hardware
  • Hospital/ Health clinic
  • Private School
  • Prayer center/ Church facility
  • Green grocer facilities for lease
  • Car accessories
  • Warehouses
  • Steel structure business
  • Internal ICT offices
  • Unique entertainment joints to attract happy Nanyuki population
  • Lodge’s
  • Hair Salons, barber shops & massage facilities.
  • Any business of your passion.

Six Things that you must know about The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki

  1. Upcoming Tarmacking: With tarmacking coming up along this project, as an investor you stand to gain BIG. Your friends will marvel on your investment prowess and intelligence on investing strategically at The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki.
  2. Proximity to Nanyuki Town: Nanyuki Town is known for being a place of happy life. And with who-is-who being part of The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki, you stand a chance to keep smiling all through.
  3. Strategic Location: On any investment, it’s about three things 1. Location 2. Location 3. Location. The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki is defined by its prime LOCATION.
  4. Buying Early: Buying now before VALUE ADDITIONS is solomonic wisdom. You will enjoy friendly prices. You only need to register and enjoy zero deposit and Zero payment for now.
  5. Infrastructure: With the Dualling of Nairobi-Kenol-Marua Road, the Nanyuki railway and massive county infrastructural development, The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki is simply a SURE BET.
  6. Nanyuki’s Thriving Economy: Finally, the presence of 3 army bases, most liquid and money flowing Nanyuki town, thousands of tourists visiting this town, excellent weather, amazing views makes The Great Oasis Gardens is the best project in Nanyuki.

Property Offered:

  • Option One – 1/8 Acre Plots
    • Ksh 379,000 cash in 30 days
    • Ksh 390,000 cash in 3 months
    • Ksh 400,000 cash in 6 months
    • Ksh 425,000 cash in one year
  • Option Two – 1/4 Acre Plots
    • Ksh 735, 000 Cash within 30 days
    • Ksh 760, 000 Cash within 3 months
    • Ksh 780, 000 Cash within 6 months
    • Ksh 825,0000 Cash within 12 months
  • Option Three – 1/2 Acre Plots
    • Ksh 1, 395, 000 Cash within 30 days
    • Ksh 1, 437, 000 Cash within 3 months
    • Ksh 1, 480, 000 Cash within 6 months
    • Ksh 1,565,000 payable in one year
  • Option Four – 1 Acre Land (Residential)
    • Ksh 2,695,000 cash purchase payable in 30 days
    • Ksh 2,775, 850 payable in 3 months
    • Ksh 2,856,700 payable in 6 months
    • Ksh 3,018,400 payable in One year
  • Option Four – 1 Acre Land (Commercial)
    • Ksh 3.195M per acre for the land that touches the near-to-be-tarmacked Nanyuki – Rumuruti road
    • Ksh 3,386,700 payable in 6 months
    • Ksh 3,578,400 payable in One year
  • Option Five – 5 Acres Blocks
    • Ksh 13,475,000 payable in 30 days
    • Ksh 13,879,250 payable in 3 months
    • Ksh 14,283,500 payable in 6 months
    • Ksh 15,092,000 payable in one year

Project Photos

A Tour of the Great Oasis Gardens in Nanyuki

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