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Sold Out: Vision Gardens – Konza Technopolis


Do you have a clear vision for your life? Do you know that a well-articulated vision aids your success greatly? A vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. It does inspire you and as a matter of fact, Habakkuk 2:2-3, encourages us to write our vision and make it

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Sold Out: Tulivu Gardens – Konza


Property Type: Land Area: 1/8 Acres Address: Konza Technopolis Nature:  Vacant land parcel held vied a Freehold Interest Land Use: Residential and speculation purposes Location Konza area, left side while driving from Nairobi towards Mombasa. Distance from main road -  4 km off Mombasa Road Distance from nearest town - 4km from Malili

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Sold Out: Precious Gardens – Konza


Nature of the product Vacant land parcel held vide a Freehold Interest Land use Residential and commercial purposes We have few commercial plots along the Bypass Area: 1/8 Acres Address: Malili Township Features: One star Location Konza Malili area, along Konza-Isinya Bypass Road with high possibility of being tarmacked soon Distance from Mombasa Road

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Sold Out: Tulivu Gardens Phase 3 – Konza ⭐⭐


Welcome to Tulivu Gardens Phase 3 - Konza, a visionary project by Optiven strategically located 2km from Mombasa Road, 3km from Malili Shopping Center and within a 6km radius from Konza Technopolis. Discover the essence of modern living in a vibrant community within the backdrop of the prestigious Konza Technopolis. Prime Location Situated

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Sold Out: Tulivu Gardens Phase 2 – Konza


Welcome to Tulivu Gardens 2, the newest project by Optiven that offers you an opportunity to invest in a prime residential and speculative property. Located in the heart of Konza Technopolis, this parcel of land is held via a Freehold Interest, making it an ideal investment for those looking for a long-term investment.

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Sold Out: Peace Breeze Gardens – Konza Technopolis


Property Type: Freehold Size: 1/8th Acre Address: Konza Technopolis Overview This is an extremely unique project for those who are seeking for either commercial or residential development. We have 15 properties along the road and the rest are good for establishing your home or even for investment. Location The project is located at

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23rd January 2022 – Grading of the internal roads and marking fence at Precious Gardens – Konza Technopolis


We are extremely thankful to you as our important customer for investing in Precious Gardens - Konza Technopolis In an endeavour to keep our promise, the grading of the internal roads and marking fence is done in this one-star project. This will totally change the face of Precious Gardens and it has become the talk

23rd January 2022 – Grading of the internal roads and marking fence at Precious Gardens – Konza Technopolis2022-05-24T12:09:09+00:00

Abundance Gardens – Konza ⭐⭐


Have you ever thought why people with abundance mentality prosper? It all starts when you begin to see opportunities in place of scarcity. At Optiven, we introduce you, to Abundance Gardens! An epic property right on the tarmac Road (Katumani - Machakos Road) and only 2.5km off Mombasa Road and Konza Technopolis fence. This

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Sold Out: Prosperity Gardens – Konza


Prosperity is a choice that one needs to make. It's all about having an eye for the future. And indeed, the future frequently requires one to make a quick decision in order to stay on the winning lane.  Prosperity Gardens is a Jewel that is located only 1.8km off Mombasa Road and directly overlooking

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Sold Out: Wisdom Gardens- Konza


A virgin property for those who see beyond the horizon to station themselves for the upcoming of the new Konza Technopolis.   Located only 6km from Konza city gate B or 4.5Km from fast growing Malili shopping center or 4km off mombasa highway this is the place to be. It's wise to think futuristic, so

Sold Out: Wisdom Gardens- Konza2024-06-19T09:25:27+00:00
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