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Optiven Ltd – Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Testimonial From A Happy Client in the USA

Ever since I moved to the US I have always wanted to invest back at home… So that when I eventually come back home I can have something that I would say is mine. Not just work abroad and not invest in my motherland. At first I thought of buying land and homes from various providers back here in Kenya. But then I was too hesitant, since I really didn’t know how to go about it.

Like who was the service provider, who to approach, how genuine were they. Etc. Months down the line , my relatives convinced me , some even offered to take it up and do the search, viewing of the and payment for the piece of land on my behalf. Considering they are my relatives I thought why not use that channel to invest – as I knew there wouldn’t be any hidden agendas, con or misinformation from them – because I trusted them.

Anything that was needed I would provide – be it cash for the errands back and forth to the land, legal documents, money for the piece of land among others. I didn’t hesitate at all when it was anything to do with ‘my piece of land’. After a while I was traveling back home on holiday, I informed my contact about it and that I would like to see the ‘piece of land’ when I get back home.

The moment I mentioned that, he started being reluctant on meeting me,as well as taking me to the site. Not knowing that what I had been paying for was really in existence and all the money I used to send was used elsewhere and not for my project. Going through this taught me a lot of lessons,especially because I lost a lot of my cash, I was very cautious when it came to investing at home.

I thank God I met Optiven Limited, for through them I successfully bought a piece of land while abroad. I met them through one of their tours in the diaspora.

They are

  • legit,
  • their transactions are transparent
  • no hidden costs,
  • payment process is easy and straightforward,
  • their pieces of land are good in prime areas and are value added.

All this I managed to do in one sitting. They have a smooth process one can follow when purchasing for the piece of land – that is from the selection process to the payment process.

“Be smart and invest with Optiven Limited”

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