Many are the times we think of a value added plot just as a plot. We make errors  when comparing the two and we end up saying that Optiven Value added plots are expensive. When we do that we compare Oranges and Apples.

Optiven properties are apples. Take an example of James and Peter who purchase the plots. James buys the Value Added Plot at Kantafu that has power, water piped to his plot, trees planted, house design and bill of quantitative done, gate done watchman and caretaker in place, Roads done, all at Ksh.795,000 per plot.

  • Peter buys bare plot at the same area at Ksh. 350, 000.
  • He puts power; say it’s a remote area Ksh. 600, 000 and maybe there is no last mile KPLC connection by the Goverment.
  • Drills the borehole at Kshs. 1,200,000,
  • Hires a watchman per year Kshs. 240,000,
  • Fences his plot at Kshs. 50,000
  • Plants trees at Kshs. 5,000
  • Total cost= 2,445,000


It is advisable to pick up the value added plot and save millions. Have a look at our value added plots in

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Minnie and Joel 2013-05-06 04:45

“Well, for a long time, people have ended up losing their hard earned money to scrupulous con men/women who pose as brokers and ‘owners’ of land properties.You no longer have to suffer anymore, not when we have Optiven property developers. We bought two parcels of land at Kitengela and the experience cannot be matched with any other. Lots of professionalism, warmth and friendliness right from when you walk in the offices through to when that much sought document called the title deed is handed over to you. Good PR, good customer care….and even a cup of beverage when you walk in (ha ha ha!). I recommend Optiven to anyone who wants to buy genuine property and at a most flexible payment terms. Rhoda Kasyoki and team, you are great – Keep up!”

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