The month of July is the perfect opportunity for our investors to either make new purchases or take their repayments to a brand new level. With every payment of 399,000 shillings, customers will receive a cashback of 4,000/- as they continue with their investment journey in real estate.

The campaign runs across all the projects under the Optiven portfolio and the cashback payments are guaranteed for all one-off payments by the customers. The campaign launched on 3rd July 2023 is the seventh campaign of the monthly series that has been introduced by Optiven to reward customers for trusting the Optiven brand and making the decision to invest.

Customers both new and old expressed their appreciation for the consideration by Optiven to give them the cashback as a great invitation and initiative to contribute to their investment. Racheal Ndunge, the Head of Sales at Optiven Group notes that the campaign is especially welcome as it applies to investments across the board.

She says, “as Optiven we continue to provide our investors with affordable projects across the board. The projects are not only accessible but they are also ready to build and are available on an instalment payment arrangement. We welcome investors to also refer our products to others especially those looking to make first time investments in real estate as we have projects that are priced as low as 169,000 shillings for a quarter.”

Optiven is Kenya’s award winning real estate company. The company has been in existence for 24 years during which they continue to provide solutions for real estate investors across the country. Optiven has been at the forefront in offering value added and transformed projects within a ready to build environment.

The company has a number of offices across the country including in Nakuru, Nanyuki, Mtwapa and in the Nairobi Central Business District. The properties are priced according to the different levels in terms of the value additions on the project as explained here

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