Kibali Cha Watoto: Value Added plots for sale in in Malindi

Investing in Malindi, a scenic coastal town in Kenya, presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking both financial growth and a slice of paradise. With its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage and booming tourism industry, Malindi town has become a magnet for Optiven with Joy Lovers Club launched in August and now Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens. This article explains why you should join the Malindi community as an investor as it can be a rewarding venture.

Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens is our newest project at Optiven launched by our Chief Executive George Wachiuri on 16th November and represents the heart of Malindi offering lasting value as it stands along Sabaki-Morafa-Baricho rd set up for tarmacking.

The name is intentional and the project is designed for young children and youth as the land value will appreciate with time(15-20)yrs. Innovatively we are also allowing a maximum of 2 properties per child to give a chance to as many families as possible to invest and persons investing for themselves have to be age 30 and below. Malindi has been named among top destinations for investment in East Africa and this tourist attraction town has a strong development potential.

Kibali to us means favour and reflects the positive disposition towards our investors who we hold in high regard. Already during the launch the grading of the internal murram roads was ongoing as the opportunity presents a return on investment.

The location is 39 minutes from Malindi CBD just before Weru Technical College and Malindi Solar Plant. This assures the presence of electricity in the region with water availability also present from MAWASCO. Optiven are committed to grading the roads and installing pitch marking poles as they celebrate 24 years of positive transformation to communities.

According to George Wachiuri CEO Optiven, Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens is ideal for land banking and is a testament to Optiven’s commitment to putting our clients at the heart of everything.  This month of November we are celebrating our 24 years in style as the campaign for the month states “For every 240,000 that you invest with us, you get 2,400 cashback,” and investors are advised to take advantage of the amazing campaign before the month ends. On top of the electricity and water available, land appreciation guaranteed and presence of strategic amenities available, the project promises great returns.

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