Great Oasis - Value Added Plots for sale in Nanyuki

As Optiven celebrates its 24 years of transformation in their year of Greater Positive Things, investment opportunities lie on their diverse portfolio including “The Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven.” The project launched on the 15th February 2022 is currently on phase 7 and its last phase as The Great Oasis Gardens aims to transform Nanyuki town.

The county government of Laikipia is working to move office from Nanyuki to Rumuruti town, at the centre of the county. The move is a significant development and is expected to have major impact in Laikipia and more so the Great Oasis Gardens. The pressure to move by the county bosses is to comply with the law and centralise government services in Laikipia county.

Great Oasis Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Nanyuki

The Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven is strategically located along the Nanyuki – Rumuruti road, already proposed for tarmacking with My Kenya wildlife estate opposite the silver level project. It seats 12 minutes from the Cedar Mall Nanyuki with great weather and topography offering residential development. There is presence of social amenities and infrastructural upgrades in the town seeking to satisfy the growing demand of investors.

Already Optiven have already provided value additions including water on site, internal murram roads, electric fence with security available. GMC Nanyuki ( is a work in progress as the hospitality industry promises return on investment especially with the tourism boom in Nanyuki. My Kenya, the Aberdare Ranges and Lolldaiga hills offer amazing scenery and a rare opportunity to spot wildlife in their habitats.

Great Oasis Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Nanyuki

In addition to the 24 years in business, George Wachiuri CEO at Optiven has emphasized the importance of investing in real estate as way to build wealth and Optiven is one of the most stable and profitable investment that individuals can make.

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