Dance and Win Half an Acre from Optiven Campaign

Days after Kenya was ranked with the lowest points in happiness during the World Happiness Day, Optiven this May chose to adapt the theme for the day literally. The theme for the World Happiness Day 2022 was “Build Back Happier” and was aimed at achieving global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Optiven strategy to create happiness took on an initiative to restore happiness to Kenyans by launching a dance challenge a mid of this busy period of campaigning for political seats. The challenge which will run for two months will seek to reward the most viewed dance teams or persons in the social media platforms.

With the International Dance Day 2022 having passed at the tail end of April, the theme was perfect to be a launch pad for the Optiven Dance Challenge 2022. The theme for International Dance Day was : Dance Your Way to Boost Physical and Mental Health, a key consideration for participation and engagement in the Optiven Dance Challenge too.

Speaking during the launch, Optiven CEO George Wachiuri urged the young generation to take advantage of social media to earn plots worth 2.8 millions especially during this campaign period and hard economic times. According to Wachiuri, the challenge will also enable Kenyans to have fun and reduce stress as they dance and earn at the same time.

The organizers of the dance challenge confirm that winners will be unveiled in two months. So what are the rewards? The rewards are a ½ an acre plot (approximately 0.2 Ha) at The Great Oasis, an 1/8 of an acre plot (approximately 0.045 Ha) at Prosperity Gardens an 1/8 of an acre plot (approximately 0.045 Ha) at Wema Gardens.

The challenge is open to any one and the decision of who will be considered a winner will be based on views on social media platforms. The challenge will be based on the specific Optiven song provided on the company’s website.
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