The International Day of Forests in 2023 was celebrated under the theme “Forests and Health” and since, Optiven have been involved in 6 different tree planting sessions across their various projects including the National Tree Planting day set by H.E William Ruto.

At Optiven, tree planting is among the value additions and sustainable initiatives that aim to make settlements inclusive, safe and resilient in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.

Ocean View Ridge – Vipingo by Optiven is a project that was launched in May 2023 and has become a favourite amongst our clients. The gold level project has been masterfully crafted tailored to meet investors expectations with generous returns on investment. Already, the internal murram roads are done, a caretaker is on site and a state of the art entry gate is in the works. The tree growing session was next in line and this is what Chief Executive of Optiven George Wachiuri had to say,

During the launch we lost 4 neem trees thanks to the internal murram roads but today we are back here to add the number 100 times and green this project.”

The journey of these saplings is just beginning. They will face the scorching sun, the lashing rain, and the test of time. But with the unwavering support of the Ocean View Ridge community, these tiny trees will blossom into mighty sentinels, standing tall as a living testament to the day they were planted with hope, and a shared vision for a greener tomorrow.

The success of this tree planting session is a beacon of inspiration, urging other communities to embrace similar initiatives. It is a call to action, reminding us that every individual has the power to make a difference.

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