Saturday 22nd July 2023 was a day set aside to decarbonise the environment and what better way than to have a massive tree planting session with our valued investors. All roads led to Success Gardens at Gatanga road 45 minutes from Nairobi after a successful launch of the Success Gardens phase 2 earlier this month.

This gold level project welcomed us with its upgraded value additions including an Optiven state of the art gate, security, a stone perimeter wall around the entire project, a water tower, electricity on site, compacted murram roads and solar street lighting, which was still ongoing. It looked pleasant. What was remaining however, was tree planting by the compacted roads to complete the addition and was our main objective of the day.

Mr Charles Muranguri, Projects Director, standing in for Founded and Chief Executive at Optiven George Wachiuri, took his time to welcome and thank the clients for trusting and finding time to be part of Optiven’s sustainable developments and conservation efforts. “As you can see the value additions as we promised are in place and people are building. Today we have come together to address the environmental challenges we have been experiencing and create a healthier and more resilient future.

There was a heartfelt testimonial from one of the clients who through social media saw an opening at Success Gardens where he conducted his research with the diaspora community and got positive reviews. He further went to contact Optiven and through one of our marketers, he was able to invest as he is a property developer.

After, the next 90 minutes we spent laying an intention foundation by planting trees across the entire project through the George Wachiuri tree planting formula that guarantees 99% survival rate of the trees as illustrated below.

At the end of the day, John Kamau, one of the seasoned environmentalists who intends to partner with the Optiven Foundation educated us on alternatives to landscaping. “What we have done today is known as landscaping. But I want to tell you about foodscaping which is where we encourage planting of fruits and herbs, especially because of food insecurity. It is important to note that you should not dispose of these seeds and are required to complete the cycle by conserving.”

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