Sold out Prosperity Gardens Births Vision and Abundance Projects

The 1st of April 2021 marked the re-entry of Konza in the projects portfolio under Optiven Real Estate. Following the successful sell out of the first project in the Konza Technopolis area by Optiven, dubbed Prosperity Gardens, the launch of the two projects now provides an impetus for investors in the area.

The fast growing technopolis has been on the thoughts of many who have enquired as to when the Optiven footprint will land in the area. And 2021 seems to be smiling at the dreams of these investors as they have been granted their wish.

Following in the footsteps of Prosperity Gardens by Optiven, April 2021 was the month to launch Vision Gardens and Abundance Gardens in Konza. The unique proposition especially for Vision Gardens was the pricing which is among the most affordable within the Optiven Real Estate portfolio.

George Wachiuri, CEO, Optiven Group says, “we have been receiving numerous enquiring tasking us to provide an entry for investors within Konza for the last few years. We must thank our Customers for being among the first investors to take on our initial project within the technopolis in record time“.

For the new projects that we launched on April 1st 2021, we are keen on increasing the number of Kenyans seeking to have their own homes by the year 2030. It is this ideal that advised our action on the affordable pricing.”

Vision Gardens

The Vision Gardens project was launched with a special offer of only Ksh 495,000 for the month of April 2021. Located just 5.2km off the busy Mombasa Highway, the project is in a fast developing neighborhood in proximity to Machakos, Kola and Muuma Andu Hills.

Abundance Gardens

To cater for the increasing number of customers seeking to invest in commercial properties, Optiven Real Estate further provided Abundance Gardens within Konza this April 2021. The project located strategically on the tarmac is earmarked as a settlement area for the myriad publics with interests within the nearby Konza technopolis.

The area which has a number of developments already is however set to receive a number of transformations as is custom with the Optiven style of maintaining projects. Commenting at the site on the launch, Wachiuri noted that the project will best serve investors keen on commercial properties based on it’s strategic location. With a cash offer of Ksh 995,000 an investor can use the property to build a hotel or a petrol station among other commercial activities

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