It is good news for those who bought Shekinah Gardens in Kajiado as Optiven puts more resources to make this project better and ready to host stand-alone rental houses for the Kajiado township residential needs. Optiven engineers have camped here to construct a water tower, mesh fencing of the entire property and clearing up the project to Optiven standards.

We encourage you to put up bungalows for rentals and our sister company is ready to source tenants for you and manage the properties for you. Let’s develop this place together to make it the preferred serene resident for workers and business people of Kajiado Township. We have also rebranded this project and it is now; Love Gardens – Kajiado Township.

The few plots remaining are retailing at Ksh 995,000

What you can do in this property

  1. With 2.95M construction price, you can build a nice bungalow and rent between 15 to 20k per month as a starting monthly rent
  2. You can set up home away from hustle & bustle of the city

Additional offer

  1. We are offering Twenty (20) bags of cement for the customers who start building their rental homes
  2. We are determined to create more landlords this year. Be counted

The Gushing Source of Life at Love Gardens

If there is magic on this planet, then it is in the essence of water. Water is life. Water sustains both plants and animals. Cognizant of this fact, Optiven engineers are moving with speed to complete the installation of a strategic water tower at Love Gardens Kajiado Township.

This water system is all solarized as Optiven further commits to the Going Green Agenda to save our mother earth. This new development means that water will now be available 24/7 at this place that is so ideal for construction of rental properties to quench the rental needs of Kajiado township residents.

The progress at this property is a big plus to those who previously bought plots here, under its previous name, Shekinah Gardens

Want to join Love Gardens family?

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