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30th January 2024 – What’s Happening At Ushindi Gardens , Nakuru?


The starlight at the heart of Nakuru county is shining even brighter as Ushindi Gardens receives more value additions. The project which has seen a 72% uptake this year is currently taking water matters in it’s stride as geologists test the water on ground. The expected result is improved water at Ushindi Gardens. And there

30th January 2024 – What’s Happening At Ushindi Gardens , Nakuru?2024-01-30T08:34:38+00:00

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The Nakuru government states that the average annual appreciation in the area is 12.7%. This means that speculative buyers in the area can enjoy 12.7% without developing vacant land. Ushindi Gardens by Optiven in Nakuru is evidence as the project launched in January 2023 has experienced great escalation and early investors are reaping good returns.

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