Ushindi Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Nakuru

The Nakuru government states that the average annual appreciation in the area is 12.7%. This means that speculative buyers in the area can enjoy 12.7% without developing vacant land. Ushindi Gardens by Optiven in Nakuru is evidence as the project launched in January 2023 has experienced great escalation and early investors are reaping good returns.

The project is currently in its 3rd phase thanks to the trust in the brand with internal murram roads done, water management systems, thousands of trees along the murram roads and beacons in place.

Ushindi Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Nakuru

The project is 18 minutes from Nakuru city 1.2km from the Nakuru – Eldoret highway indicating you can comfortably commute to and from the city daily offering convenience at an affordable price. Nakuru boasts of its agricultural potential, tourism and manufacturing industries making it a prime investment destination in East Africa with its strategic location connecting the northern and southern region in Kenya.

It borders 7 counties which creates visibility to businesses and offers a huge competitive advantage in the markets. Lake Nakuru is acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site which is famous for flamingos and Lake Nakuru national park earning Nakuru the name ‘Pink City.’ This provides a wealth of opportunities to tourism and hospitality industries such as hotels, resorts, lodges etc.

Ushindi Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Nakuru

The upgrade of the airport in Lanet and the extension of the standard gauge railway to Naivasha improves the accessibility and connectivity of goods and services including linking the Mombasa port to the industrial park in Naivasha and exportation of the agricultural products creating opportunities for investment and employment.

I believe that investing in Nakuru is a smart decision that will yield high returns in the future. Nakuru is a county with great potential and Optiven is ready to partner with you to make your dreams come true” , says George Karanja – liaison officer Nakuru office located at the Golden life mall. Due to the expansion of road networks, improvement of transport systems, establishment of social amenities, fertile land for farming and the prevailing tourism industry, you stand to enjoy great returns on investment.

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