Ushindi Gardens by Optiven was launched on 17th January 2023 by Chief Executive George Wachiuri after demand by clients in the Nakuru region and the uptake has been impressive. This brought new opportunities as a new office was also set up at Golden Life Mall 7th floor to cater for investors in the larger Nakuru county.

Currently in the 3rd phase, George Karanja, liaison officer for Optiven in Nakuru stated the office is serving investors for Ushindi Gardens and any other projects within the Optiven portfolio. Today, a massive tree planting session was in place in line with the governments objective of planting 15billion trees in the next decade as value additions continue to take shape in the premier project.

Already a caretaker is manning the project with internal murram roads done, construction of culverts at an advanced stage and power on site. Trees along the murram were next in line and George Wachiuri led the session with the “George Wachiuri tree planting formula” that guarantees 99% survival rate as illustrated below.

Tom Kibet, Regional Manager for Rift valley was on the ground after a successful Investment over Coffee that happened yesterday at Golden Life Mall and had this to say,  “We are happy to be receiving and serving customers as the gold level project continues to take shape 11 months after its launch. With the value additions in place, Ushindi Gardens has transformed to a ready to build project as it sits 18 minutes from the Optiven Nakuru office and 1.2km off the tarmac.”

We are intentional on sustainability and aim to make cities and human settlements inclusive safe and resilient in line with Sustainable Development Goal 11 even as we celebrate 24 years of transformation this month. Other key developments expected include land for a school, a kindergarten and a dispensary which were surrendered to the County Government of Nakuru as Ushindi Gardens investors will also enjoy solar street lights, water reticulation, security and a state of the art access gate.

Over 1000 trees were planted this November by Optiven as Kithimani Springs was also a beneficiary through the National tree planting day on 13th November as described below;

Nakuru city is still a very attractive market to invest in and this should act as a call to action as they say the land will never be as cheap as it was yesterday. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Nakuru county home ownership shows a deficit of a big 70% on the population and we have an objective for social economic transformation in Nakuru city. The location is ripe and we are waiting for you at our offices at Golden life Mall 7th floor.

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