Plots in Kangundo Road

Why Invest in Real Estate


Investing in real estate has long been seen as a key component of building wealth because it gives people and organisations a physical asset with the possibility for consistent growth and long-term stability. Despite the volatility of the real estate market, purchasing real estate has always been a wise financial move since it may act

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Kithimani Springs by Optiven ⭐⭐⭐


Overview As you drive from Thika Town along Garissa Road, it is impossible to overlook the magnificent Mt. Kilimambogo! As you marvel at the beauty of this physical feature, Kithimani Township greets you with an air of freshness. Welcome to Kithimani Springs by Optiven. This is a unique gated community with a stone

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28/7/2022 – Garden of Joy Fully Lits Up


Finally, Garden of Joy is now fully lit with solar street lights along the murram compacted internal roads. This project, which is located at the heart of Machakos County and at only 1.3KM off the tarmac road is the most ideal for you to set up your dream home. What's more, Garden of Joy has

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14/7/2022 – Solar Lighting at Garden of Joy


The jewel project in the heart of Machakos County has now received it's latest consignment of solar street lights. The Garden of Joy by Optiven which has seen an increased number of customers building their dream homes, is also a green project by all means. Here you will find a beautiful gate to welcome you

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12/7/22 – What’s Happening at the Garden of Joy?


The Garden of Joy by Optiven is the latest project to install more solar street lights. The project which was the launch pad for the greening initiative across Optiven, has continued to receive immense interest from investors some of whom have collected their title deeds and are building their dream homes. At Garden of Joy,

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Sold Out: Shalom Gardens Phase 1 – Kantafu


This property comes with murrum roads, Water on site, elevated, marked fence ( poles & barbed wire). The project is 3.5Km of Kangundo road along Nimrod Road. The property is ready to build and the title deeds are freehold Project Photos Investment Offer Installments 

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Water at Shalom Gardens


We are enhancing water piping at Shalom Gardens at Kantafu, Kangundo Road.  To book your water connection, Talk to Ruth Kariuki today at : +254 711 308976 . Congratulations to all our customers who are building their homes in this property. Let us know how this journey has been. Please share this with your network,

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Garden of joy community participates in #optivenforestschallenge


Residents of Garden of Joy by Optiven have every reason to smile. April 2021 has begun with green blessings courtesy of the Gogreennaoptiven initiative. Today, the Green Team on the ground is planting hundreds of trees all over the 100 acre project in the heart of Machakos County. Ephraim Maina, the Optiven Greening Superintendent says,

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Great Developments at Garden of Joy


Garden of Joy in Machakos is a gated community with over the top value additions. The 1.2 KM entry from the tarmac to the project is now fully done! We have access internal roads on the project, a water tower, trees planted around the project, well fenced, solar street lighting and the main gated is

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Shalom Gardens Phase 2 – Kantafu


Optiven Limited presents yet another great investment in the vibrant Machakos County. On offer is Shalom Gardens Phase II. This is a prime value added project that comes with power in the vicinity. Shalom Gardens will be served by a borehole sank by Optiven and is fully secured by a fence Location This project

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