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13/12/2022 – Whats Happening at Kumpa Springs by Optiven


Unveiled this 2022 , Kumpa Springs by Optiven is for those that believe in living their dreams. Are you one of those? If your answer is yes then join us live from Kumpa Springs as we capture success for 2023 early. Tag your networks and share the news about the revolutionary outdoors that makes Kumpa

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25/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Love Gardens?


Water is life but if you are an investor in Kajiado, water is a life line. Optiven has kept it's promise of having water on site at Love Gardens in Kajiado! What's more, the value addition signals more development on the project which is soon to be the home of

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19/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Love Gardens, Kajiado Township


There is so much to do on real estate, especially if you have invested in a commercial property. At Love Gardens by Optiven, one of the ways to utilize the property is by setting up a bush camp! Launched in September 2022, the GMC Bush Camp is now coming to life. How? You may ask!

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Sold Out : Kumpa Springs – Kajiado


Bigger is Better right here at Kajiado! 1/2 Acre and Above Only You know why? We are specially introducing to you, an opportunity to purchase a sizable parcel of land at Kajiado. Kumpa Springs Kajiado is an extremely well located property along Namanga Highway, approximately 2.5km off the highway. Investment Under our ‘Bigger

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Beacons Reconstruction at Sifa Gardens


As we continue to transform your life we are delighted to add value to the project by redoing the beacons on the entire Sifa Gardens project.  We anticipate that this will be a great catalyst as you move towards making your home ownership dream a reality. Invest with us Call / SMS / Whatsapp :

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Heshima Commercial plots- Namanga Highway


A wise adage goes thus; respect is EARNED, personal RESPECT always germinates from the Actions that you take TODAY. Here is a great chance for you to take a great INVESTMENT Action. This is not just a mere investment, but it's about the location of the investment, what you can do in that

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Sparkles and Sherehez To Don Kajiado County


In the heart of Ngatataek, sits a wonder in the form of 200 acres. The land is owned by Optiven as a 50% owner while the rest is for investors keen on buying plots. So, what's up?  Optiven intends to set up the biggest entertainment center on this project. It will host a bush-themed hotel

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Eden Gardens Kajiado Gets uncommon Favour


It was once quoted that infrastructure follows development. This is exactly what has just happened at Eden Gardens Kajiado. The investors who bought this property a few years ago will be dancing with joy as a new tarmac road is now zooming past this project, only 200 steps away. What's does this new development mean:

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Optiven Customers To Build In Love Gardens Benefit From Building Materials


Optiven Limited is granting a humongous start for 10 lucky builders in Kajiado County.  The real estate pace setter has already set the ball rolling by upgrading the different value additions on the ground to transform their project in the county.  Activity continues on the ground to ensure that the project is secured through the

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What’s Happening at Love Gardens – 6th March 2021


Love Gardens is taking Shape way faster than earlier projected We must thank our grounds team at Love Gardens for their great effort of preparing the entire grounds, building a water tower and setting up an entry gate that will be warmly welcoming residents of this Gated Community. Customers here are already getting set to

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