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Opinion On The Process Of Change Of User In Kenya


The state (through the devolved units of Government) has the absolute powers to control how land is used in Kenya. These powers are donated and subject to the provisions of the Physical and Land Use Planning Act together with its regulations. The rationale behind the control of use of land by county government is to

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Optiven is Transparent In The Real Cost Of Acquisition


It has been noted that a majority of investors especially first time investors in acquisition of real estate are skeptical. Skepticism, is as such the leading reason why many people do not invest especially in the real estate sector – a sector that has great capacity to change lives! For those who have done it

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Title Transfer: What You Need To Know


Surveys and competitive platforms, have found that Optiven Limited is the go to company for investors in Real Estate. Why, when there seems to be so much happening within the sector? Three out of five investors with Optiven Limited have cited issuance of title deeds upon completion of purchase as a top reason for investment.

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KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Freehold or Leasehold?


The need for homes is seeing a growing number of investors putting their money in real estate. Why? Because apart from shelter being a basic need, it's one of the most desirable achievements to have in life. This is more profound now as we face the Covid-19 pandemic where majority are enjoying being in their

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How to tap into the Interest Free Campaign


At the onset of the month of May 2020, Optiven Limited became the first and only real estate company to offer customers interest free investment. The offer that continues to be embraced by many was a part of the company's efforts to cushion its customers amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. So, What are the benefits

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The FIVE levels of Optiven properties


Here at Optiven, we usually have FIVE Levels of properties. Each level has its set of value additions. The levels are also based on location, proximity to infrastructure. Market prices are thus based on these factor. This ensures that we cater for low, middle and high end customers. Here are our property Levels: 1. Plots

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