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Optiven Mark The National Tree Growing Day 2024


In line with the Kenyan government’s initiative to plant 15 billion trees by the year 2032 and curb the climate change that’s led to floods for the past 2 months, President William Ruto declared May 10th a public holiday to honor flood victims and participate in a National Tree Planting exercise. The government recognizes the

Optiven Mark The National Tree Growing Day 20242024-05-10T15:36:01+00:00

Mothers At The Heart Of May Celebrations Throughout Optiven


Mondays are for serious things… but 6th of May 2024 ushered in repeated celebrations for Mothers working across the Optiven Limited offices. With aplomb and glee coupled with motivation and medical information, the week was a great opportunity to single out the important role that mothers play not just in the society but in the

Mothers At The Heart Of May Celebrations Throughout Optiven2024-05-10T06:46:42+00:00

Nakuru – The City of Investments


Nakuru's transformation into a city continues to significantly boost its appeal as an investment destination. According to the Institute of Economic Affairs, it is now easier to establish a business in Nakuru compared to five other urban areas, largely due to the reduced tax burden. With the favorable climate, agricultural potential and its manufacturing influence,

Nakuru – The City of Investments2024-05-08T07:57:36+00:00

Celebrating Work Ethics


Optiven Limited joined in celebrating the invaluable contributions of our staff across the different departments as we marked the World Labor Day 2024. This special day was a reminder of the dignity of labor and the importance of fair working conditions aligning with our objective of 30,000 job opportunities by 2030. Sustainable Development Goal 8

Celebrating Work Ethics2024-05-02T06:50:37+00:00

Optiven Welcomes Site Visits And Empowers Kenyans With #Raukiaploti Campaign


The sun arose to celebrate and facilitate the Optiven army and it’s engagement with the public on 30th April 2024. Team members serving in all departments at Optiven, took time to be on their feet and empower the masses just as the rain took a break. It was an opportunity to interact one on one

Optiven Welcomes Site Visits And Empowers Kenyans With #Raukiaploti Campaign2024-04-30T08:31:15+00:00

Optiven Showcase Innovative Housing Solutions at the 35th KICC Home Expo


The bi-annual home expo held at the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) witnessed a remarkable display of affordable and sustainable housing solutions by Optiven Limited with the event serving as a platform for investing, networking and investment opportunities. The event that happened from April 18th- 21st April 2024, was a significant gathering for stakeholders in

Optiven Showcase Innovative Housing Solutions at the 35th KICC Home Expo2024-04-23T10:57:40+00:00

The Top Real Estate Company in Kenya


When searching for the best real estate, Optiven Limited has not only stood the test of time celebrating 25 years in the industry this 2024, but also the focus on project diversity and payment options has given us the much-needed edge. Our ethos is deeply rooted in empowering property investors and transforming the society, involving

The Top Real Estate Company in Kenya2024-04-22T13:06:36+00:00

Exciting News: Optiven Opens New Office in Malindi


Optiven, renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction, is thrilled to announce the opening of a new office in Malindi town.  Located along the bustling Mombasa-Malindi Highway, our office is situated at Festive Mall, 1st Floor, opposite Malindi Airport, adjacent to the Shell Petrol Station and Naivas supermarket. This expansion brings great opportunities for our

Exciting News: Optiven Opens New Office in Malindi2024-04-20T06:27:31+00:00

Optiven Lead Diaspora Markets


In a remarkable streak of success, Optiven Limited has been acknowledged for our outstanding contribution to the real estate sector, clinching the fourth award in 2024. This latest accolade, awarded for 'Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand 2024,' recognizes our excellence in catering to the needs of the diaspora community solidifying our position as the industry

Optiven Lead Diaspora Markets2024-04-20T06:27:32+00:00

Optiven Directors Relinquish Part of their Powers to Drive Global Expansion


In a strategic move aimed at bolstering Optiven Limited's capabilities for global expansion, the company's directors have empowered a select group of Optiven executives through a transformative Power of Attorney exercise. As Optiven approaches its 25th anniversary since inception in August 2024, this forward-thinking initiative underscores the company's commitment to ensuring operational efficiency and preparing

Optiven Directors Relinquish Part of their Powers to Drive Global Expansion2024-04-20T06:27:33+00:00
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