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Optiven FC Win First Match


Sunday 3rd December saw the Optiven FC put to the test for their first friendly match by Kikuyu Legends FC that saw them come on top. The game was a fitness and coordination check to test the team that has been training for slightly over a month now. Utafiti Green Stadium, 7000 above sea level

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The Optiven Bus


We have acquired The Optiven Bus and it marks an incredible leap towards enhancing company operations and customer experience.  Optiven's decision to invest in this bus reflects a dedication to unparalleled service. From site visits to events, the bus transforms into a luxurious, mobile experience, redefining what it means to engage with Optiven. This initiative

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STAKEHOLDERS RECOGNIZED & REWARDED | Optiven Celebrates 24 Years Galore …


Optiven stakeholders were not left behind during the month of November 2023. This was the celebration that marked the 24th year of Optiven’s existence and with it celebration too of stakeholders that have contributed to making Optiven what it has become. The initial stakeholders to be celebrated were staff serving at the different offices across

STAKEHOLDERS RECOGNIZED & REWARDED | Optiven Celebrates 24 Years Galore …2023-12-06T07:15:37+00:00

Optiven and Optiven Foundation Win Big


It was yet another milestone at the Uongozi Career Awards by the Corporate Career Academy held on the 23rd November 2023 at the Catholic University of East Africa. The event theme was dubbed "Closing the Gap; A decade of investing in Youth Employability Skills in East Africa," and brought different stakeholders from the East African

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Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens – Malindi


Investing in Malindi, a scenic coastal town in Kenya, presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking both financial growth and a slice of paradise. With its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage and booming tourism industry, Malindi town has become a magnet for Optiven with Joy Lovers Club launched in August and now Kibali Cha Watoto

Kibali Cha Watoto Wetu Gardens – Malindi2023-11-22T16:53:38+00:00

Optiven Global Office – A Year Later


The Optiven Global Office was launched in Karen on 10th November 2022 and we have experienced significant growth and success. The office was officially launched by Justice Daniel Musinga, president of the Court of Appeal in the presence of Chief Executive George Wachiuri, Optiven and the board of directors noting the new office will present

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National Tree Planting Day In Kithimani Springs, Machakos Along Thika – Garissa Road


Today, in line with the government’s agenda of planting 15billion trees by 2032, Kenyans across the country celebrated National Tree Planting Day, an event that aims to promote environmental sustainability and encourage best practices in ecosystem restoration. As part of this event, Optiven Group organized a tree planting session at Kithimani Springs in Machakos, where

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Why Invest in Real Estate


Investing in real estate has long been seen as a key component of building wealth because it gives people and organisations a physical asset with the possibility for consistent growth and long-term stability. Despite the volatility of the real estate market, purchasing real estate has always been a wise financial move since it may act

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Optiven at 24


The seed that was planted by George Wachiuri in 1999 - Optiven has grown into a household name not only in Kenya but internationally. This month of November is a special one as the organisation celebrates its 24th year anniversary, a testament of hard work and dedication. The success has been credited to commitment to

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Invest in Kithimani Springs, Live the Dream


Located amidst the scenic beauty of Machakos, Kithimani Springs by Optiven stands out as a promising investment opportunity for those seeking a tranquil gated community to settle. Launched on 11th December 2022 by George Wachiuri, Kithimani Springs is located along Garissa rd, right on tarmac and 1km from Kithimani township. The gold level project is

Invest in Kithimani Springs, Live the Dream2023-10-31T19:17:11+00:00
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