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Role Of Technology In The Real Estate Sector


The real estate sector has experienced a lot of growth over the past years. With the growth of  the economy and growth of middle class we have been able to see the real estate sector grow as well.  Technology has played a pivotal role in reshaping the way the real estate industry operates.  Real estate

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Tree Planting at Achiever’s Paradise, Kimuka, Ngong


The government of Kenya on 21st April 2022 launched a tree planting restoration program at Ngong hills forest to kick start his plan of planting 15 billion trees by 2032. The initiative will help address environmental concerns such as deforestation, degradation and climate change. Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather

Tree Planting at Achiever’s Paradise, Kimuka, Ngong2023-05-24T07:19:05+00:00

Clergy Breakfast at Optiven


Monday 15th at the KCB Leadership Centre in Karen was a day to bring forth from the Karen neighborhood to learn, educate and more importantly see how we can build more networks through partnerships. Over 100 pastors, bishops, reverends and evangelists including Bishop Phillips Katutu of the Destiny Life Church made their way to the

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Is Optiven a Good Employer?


Optiven Limited is a leading real estate company in Kenya that offers value added plots suitable for immediate settlement, commercial purposes or futuristic gains.  As the organisation seeks to generate 30,000 direct jobs by the year 2030, the organization was named the Best Employer in East Africa 2019 by the East Africa Best Employer Brand

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Where to invest in Vipingo


Nestled on the picturesque Kenyan coast, Vipingo stands as a hidden gem brimming with immense investment potential. With its stunning landscapes, strategic location, and a plethora of untapped opportunities, Vipingo beckons astute investors seeking exceptional returns and long-term growth prospects. Redefining Vipingo's Luxury with Optiven Alive to the great potential that this Coastal area holds,

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Why Invest In The Coastal Region?


Majority of people living in rural Kenya especially the islands and low lying agricultural areas live for the days they will visit the coast. The wonder of the sand, the warmth of the sun and the waves of the sea, all work in symphony to make the coastal region a must have on many travelers

Why Invest In The Coastal Region?2023-05-17T21:05:28+00:00

Optiven Feted In Washington USA


Optiven bagged it's third award of 2023 in Washington DC. This was at an event held on Saturday 6th May 2023. The event was a culmination of a three day conference by the Global Diaspora One Voice consortium. The conference further hosted stakeholders at a panel discussion under the theme, " Bridging Business Opportunities in

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What is Intellectual property?


They are creations of the human mind such as literary and scientific works, music, sound recordings, broadcasts, photographs and audiovisuals etc. Intellectual property rights are legal devices used by inventors and creators to protect use of their intellectual property from unauthorized use by third parties. They include copyrights, trademarks, patents and industrial designs. Trademarks They

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Optiven Top in DIASPORA


Optiven, a renowned real estate company, has added another feather to its cap by being feted as the Top Real Estate company in the DIASPORA at the Starbrands East Africa Awards ceremony that took place on 21st April 2023, at the luxurious Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. This recognition was a result of the company's

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Optiven CEO , Wachiuri Lauds Kenya And Rwanda On Cooperation


Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri has lauded the continued partnership between Kenya and Rwanda. Speaking in Nairobi shortly after signing of a bilateral partnership by President Dr. William Ruto and his Rwandan host Paul Kagame, Wachiuri noted that the leaders passion for peace in the region will spur business and improve the economies of the

Optiven CEO , Wachiuri Lauds Kenya And Rwanda On Cooperation2023-04-05T19:37:33+00:00
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