The day on the 8th of October 2021 may have started like any other day but a great surprise awaited one of Optiven’s valued customer.   The sun shone to welcome the rare move where Mr. George Wachiuri, Chief Executive at Optiven Group made his way to the office of Jacqueline Mwihaki, an investor with the real estate arm of the Optiven group.   It is here that a bemused but pleased Mwihaki was to meet with Mr. Wachiuri face to face.

She was glad to have been an investor at one of the new projects in 2021 by Optiven and the assurance of receiving the title deed to cement her ownership.  During the presentation in Westlands, Wachiuri advised that the Optiven promise to deliver the needs of it’s customers will continue.

He said, “we as the Optiven Family are committed to meeting the needs of our customers but more importantly staying true to keep our promises such as the delivery of genuine properties and accompanying these with the appropriate and legit title deeds.

Optiven Real Estate which has been in operation for over 20 years has been feted for it’s legitimacy as a property agent and in various angles of it’s operations.   Through different awards, the company has been singled out for it’s pace setting role in the completion of value additions on it’s projects, providing customers with the ease of payment in installments and for being a transformation agent through it’s GoGreen initiative across the projects.

Regarding the value additions, the intent by Optiven is the reason it was singled out for value additions and bestowed the Value Addition Award in 2019.

The company has also been at the forefront in updating its customers on developments with regard to their investments as well as policy matters that may affect them based on stakeholder decisions and engagements as appropriate.

Optiven has also been a trail blazer when it comes to matters Customer Service and this continues to be a key core value of it’s operations with the customer at the center of the operations and existence of the company.   For example in 2021, the company has carried out a number of campaigns where customers have walked away with exciting prizes and offers – thanks to the Optiven Customer Service spirit.

Just to name a few, in June this year, Optiven launched the #JishikieSmartPhone Campaign while September was the launch pad for the #Ng’arishaNaOptiven Campaign

And for the grand finale campaign #FurahiaNaOptiven, customers have a chance to win airtime, holidays, plots and cars from October to December 2021 in the biggest campaign run by Optiven Real Estate.

As the world celebrated the World Customer Service Week, Optiven made the move as part of an initiative within the real estate arm of the Optiven Group to have the Team Leader hand deliver title deeds to customers.   In it’s signature style, the company took the opportunity to celebrate the Customer Service week in this style.   The week which is held of the first full week of October celebrates the roles that customers play in enterprise and their contribution towards the grown of companies.

The official 2021 Customer Service Week theme was The Power of Service™ .

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