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Malindi Phase 7 Gardens ⭐


Embark on an enriching journey into Malindi's promising future with Malindi Phase 7 by Optiven. Positioned at the heart of Malindi, this exclusive project goes beyond being a property; it's a commitment to enduring value and prosperity, redefining modern living and offering an unparalleled investment opportunity. Malindi, with its celebrated rich cultural heritage,

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Introducing Malindi Gardens Phase 5 – Baolala


Available Plot Sizes Embrace the grandeur of expansive plots starting from 1/4 acre and above. Overview Discover the allure of Malindi, a captivating gem nestled along Kenya's vibrant coastal landscape. With its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural beauty, this coastal paradise beckons you to embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery

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24/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Malindi Phase 2 By Optiven?


Your investment at the Malindi City Breeze Phase 2 by Optiven is now secured! This coastal pearl, that sits at the heart of Kilifi County is the Malindi Breeze Phase 2 by Optiven. The Project's fencing is now done, making your investment secure. This is besides the gate, which is also complete. Evidently, the engineers

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Malindi City Breeze – Phase 4


BIGGER is BETTER  IN MALINDI 1/4 ACRE AND ABOVE ON SALE Malindi City Breeze Phase 4 is an ideal project located in coastal town of Malindi in a cosmopolitan town in Kilifi County known as Baolala. Malindi has been named among the top destinations for investment in East Africa.  This tourist attraction town has

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31/8/2022 – What’s Happening at Malindi Breeze Phase 1


The pearl of the coast, that sits at the heart of Kilifi County is Malindi Breeze Phase 1. The project that only opened in February 2022 is way ahead of it’s time in terms of provision of title deeds. Yes, the title deeds for Malindi Breeze Phase 1 are here! What’s more, the project which

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Clear Skies for Malindi City Breeze Phase 1 Investors


The name Malindi is derived from the Swahili word Mali (Property) + Ndi (Plenty), which translates to a lot of property. Which is exactly what we have for our investors locally and in the diaspora. A title deed is the most crucial document in any land transaction. So, in a bid to ensure that its

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Malindi Gardens Phase 3 – Baolala


Bigger is Better in Malindi 1/4 Acre Plots and Above On Sale The "Little Italy" or "Malindi", if you wish, is an internationally renowned tourist region. This seaside town by the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya is the place to be for the who-is-who in the World. Talk of Naomi Campbell,

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Value Additions Completed – Malindi City Breeze


At Optiven, we say HONGERA for your Investment at Malindi City Breeze by Optiven. The opportunity to invest at this project means we're ready to share the joy of your groundbreaking.  Did you know that we have completed the Value additions? Yes, the fencing and grading of roads is now complete. Our caretaker on site

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22/02/2022 – Malindi Breeze Transformation


The revamp of Malindi Breeze has kicked off swiftly. Barely a month after launching the project, grading of internal roads is ongoing. We thank you for investing in this amazing project. Look out for Malindi Breeze Phase 2 coming soon. Interested?  Kindly click on this link

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