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Ushindi Gardens – Nakuru


This is it! The place for Winners, Go-Getters and those working to become Victorious in life. Life is the spice of choices and at Optiven, we choose Victory for our customers in Nakuru. Settling at Ushindi Gardens by Optiven is a game-changer for you and your family. The win is great as the

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Nanyuki Rumuruti Road To Be Tarmacked Reiterates Government


The government has affirmed it’s intent to construct the Nanyuki-Rumuruti Road which is earmarked for tarmacking. This is especially welcome news for investors at the Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven in Nanyuki as the project is strategically located right on the path of the said infrastructural development. President Dr. William Ruto has at the same

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Which Natural Sites Can You Visit In Nakuru?


The influx of people living and working in the counties in Kenya has surged from the emergence and post recovery of the COVID 19 pandemic. The story is not any different in Nakuru, one of Kenya’s newest cities, located in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, where it was formerly the capital of Rift Valley

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Nakuru: Your Next Frontier In Real Estate


Why Invest In Nakuru Nakuru - the most recently elevated city and the second richest county after Nairobi according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, is best suited to begin and establish your investments. Sitting approximately 160km northwest of Nairobi along the Nairobi - Malaba highway, it has a presence of a myriad activities including

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Kithimani Springs by Optiven


Overview As you drive from Thika Town along Garissa Road, it is impossible to overlook the magnificent Mt. Kilimambogo! As you marvel at the beauty of this physical feature, Kithimani Township greets you with an air of freshness. Welcome to Kithimani Springs by Optiven. This is a unique gated community with a stone

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14/12/2022 – Whats Happening at The Great Oasis Gardens, Nanyuki


The Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven, is set to get a new water tower. The project has a variety of options to put up on your property. As an investor you can rest easy that your future needs in real estate are taken care of. What’s more, it is at the Great Oasis Gardens that

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13/12/2022 – Whats Happening at Kumpa Springs by Optiven


Unveiled this 2022 , Kumpa Springs by Optiven is for those that believe in living their dreams. Are you one of those? If your answer is yes then join us live from Kumpa Springs as we capture success for 2023 early. Tag your networks and share the news about the revolutionary outdoors that makes Kumpa

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Optiven Launches Global Office


  "We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are." Max Depree It's a calling to GREATNESS. A vision to settle and empower Kenyans in working and living in Diaspora. As of 2020, at least half a million Kenyans were living outside the country, with at least a hundred thousand in

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New Month! More Reasons to Invest with Optiven


The cost of failing is far less than the cost of never trying" - Seth Godin Greetings Investors and a Happy New Month to you! With only two months left to the end of the year, if you look back to 2022, how far did you get to accomplishing your investment goals? Well, it's not

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25/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Love Gardens?


Water is life but if you are an investor in Kajiado, water is a life line. Optiven has kept it's promise of having water on site at Love Gardens in Kajiado! What's more, the value addition signals more development on the project which is soon to be the home of

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