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Optiven Launches Global Office


  "We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are." Max Depree It's a calling to GREATNESS. A vision to settle and empower Kenyans in working and living in Diaspora. As of 2020, at least half a million Kenyans were living outside the country, with at least a hundred thousand in

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New Month! More Reasons to Invest with Optiven


The cost of failing is far less than the cost of never trying" - Seth Godin Greetings Investors and a Happy New Month to you! With only two months left to the end of the year, if you look back to 2022, how far did you get to accomplishing your investment goals? Well, it's not

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25/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Love Gardens?


Water is life but if you are an investor in Kajiado, water is a life line. Optiven has kept it's promise of having water on site at Love Gardens in Kajiado! What's more, the value addition signals more development on the project which is soon to be the home of

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24/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Malindi Phase 2 By Optiven?


Your investment at the Malindi City Breeze Phase 2 by Optiven is now secured! This coastal pearl, that sits at the heart of Kilifi County is the Malindi Breeze Phase 2 by Optiven. The Project's fencing is now done, making your investment secure. This is besides the gate, which is also complete. Evidently, the engineers

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Trainees Graduate Under The Optiven Graduate Mentorship Program


Three months after joining the Optiven Graduate Mentorship Program, 20 graduands celebrated their wins on 19th October 2022.   At an event held at the Optiven Group Head Office, the graduands got an opportunity to share their experiences during their time at Optiven.  Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. George Wachiuri was at hand to encourage

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19/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Love Gardens, Kajiado Township


There is so much to do on real estate, especially if you have invested in a commercial property. At Love Gardens by Optiven, one of the ways to utilize the property is by setting up a bush camp! Launched in September 2022, the GMC Bush Camp is now coming to life. How? You may ask!

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14/10/2022 – What’s Happening At Celebration Gardens?


The entry at the Kitengela-based Celebrations Gardens by Optiven is now complete – yes, CELEBRATIONS GATE is here! This is one of the top value additions that were promised at the project which was launched on 8th September 2021 with pomp and aplomb. The project which is within proximity of the Oloika Community is also

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12/10/2022 -What’s Happening At Praise Gardens Riat?


Yes, it is maduong’ and we boarded then landed in Kanyakwar - you heard that right! Praise Gardens RIAT by Optiven is Kisumu City’s newest gated community. Located only 4.5 km from Kisumu City, 4.8km to the airport and 3km from the world renown Lake Victoria, is the most desired area in the lakeside region,

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Heko Shujaa Na Optiven


Leading real estate company Optiven has this October rolled out a new cash back campaign aimed to benefit investors in it’s projects. The campaign dubbed #HekoShujaaNaOptiven aims to celebrate and honor courageous, outstanding achievers, or noble qualities in our Heroes and Heroines that have invested in the Optiven portfolio. George Wachiuri, Group CEO at Optiven

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Next Of Kin Explained


The term 'next of kin' is used to describe a person's closest living relative(s) who can be contacted in case of any eventuality.  Large parcels of land have been reported by the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA) as unclaimed. This means that there is a great possibility that the deceased owners passed on without disclosing ownership

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