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Optiven celebrates earth day with greening in Kiambu


The 51st celebration of Global Earth Day 2021, saw OPTIVEN plug in in a big green way. With great partnership from stakeholders, green enthusiasts, philanthropists and staff, the global day was marked with an array of greening activities at AMANI RIDGE | The Place of Peace in Kiambu county. The celebration of Earth Day coincided

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Optiven Goes Green on Projects Development


Africa generates over 70 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually; approximately 20% of this is plastic. According to the World Bank, this is set to double by the year 2025 owing to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Here in Kenya, according to recent statistics by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, we generate an estimated

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Our Environmental Procedure


Preamble Congratulations for investing with Optiven Limited. Together we would like to develop green communities. This is in line with our policy on environmental protection. As such, we advocate that as we plant trees along the main road in our projects, customers will also take the initiative to plant trees in their plots. Expression of

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Optiven Environmental Protection Charter – Use Of Bio-Digester


Preamble Optiven Group is a great promoter of environmental protection. Nature is what feeds us and is also our gift to the generations to come. As such, each one of us has a responsibility to protect and nurture it in the most practical and the best way possible. In the same line, we strongly advocate

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