The launch of the Optiven Dance Challenge was done in May this year and in the month of June, more and more public engagement was witnessed. The diversity of the participants saw groups and individuals taking a chance to win the one of a kind dance challenge that will see them become land owners at the end of the challenge.

Speaking to members of the public as the challenge moved to the streets, majority of those who spoke to Optiven termed the dance as an opportunity to share a good dance with friends while others saw it as a uniting factor amidst the hullabaloo of the campaigns that have intensified in June 2022.

Rewards in the challenge will be bestowed upon the individual or group with the most views across the social media spaces. Speaking during an announcement for the status of the participants in the challenge, Optiven’s Joan Anyango noted that the criteria for the three groups or persons to be given the rewards will be based on the views strictly as per the presentations of dances on social media spaces.

Among the rewards are a half acre piece of land at the Nanyuki based, Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven, an eighth piece of land in Konza and another eighth plot in Naromoru. The challenge is open to all people of all races and backgrounds and is to be shared with the Optiven anthem in the background.

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