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Optiven Unveils Hekima Gardens Phase 4


As a leading provider of value-added properties and affordable housing solutions, Optiven Limited, have officially launched the 3rd project in 2024 “Hekima Gardens phase 4” in Nyeri county. The new project launched today, 15th March reinforces our commitment to delivering quality and accessible property opportunities to a rapidly growing environment. Regional manager Jackie Kibachia during

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Why Invest in Real Estate


Investing in real estate has long been seen as a key component of building wealth because it gives people and organisations a physical asset with the possibility for consistent growth and long-term stability. Despite the volatility of the real estate market, purchasing real estate has always been a wise financial move since it may act

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Hekima Gardens Phase 3 – Nyeri ⭐⭐


Bigger is Better right here at Nyeri! 1/4 Acre and Above Only This property is right in the Middle of Mt. Kenya and The Aberdare Ranges. The project’s views are simply inspiring, self-motivating & very assuring. The horizontal sceneries are extremely breathtaking. The area is known as Lachuta, neighbouring the fast-growing

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6/7/22 – What’s Happening At Wema Gardens?


The mountain jewel that stands out on the ranges is Wema Gardens by Optiven. Located in the pristine Naro Moru, the project is best for holiday homes, Airbnb or for speculation.But there’s more! This July, the project has received it’s title deeds ready for investors collection. Yes, the project which was launched in 2021 is

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Optiven Hosts Investor’s at the Foot of Mount Kenya


Optiven Limited hosted investors in Laikipia County as it's first open day of 2021. The event was held at Wema Gardens, The Place of Good Tidings Open Day in Naro Moru. Potential investors flooded the event courtesy of #JazaBasiTwendeNaroMoru that was open to all. The Wema Gardens project is attracting massive investors attributed to its

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Wema Gardens – Naro Moru ⭐⭐


The Place of Good Tidings Are you looking for a life full of goodness, a life that is entirely characterized by good tidings, a place where you always wake up to meet the humongous Mt. Kenya smiling right through your master bedroom’s window? Location 400 Meters off tarmac 11 miles South of Equator.

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Peace Gardens – Nyeri takes shape


This project in Nyeri is only 18kms from Nyeri Town, 500 meters from tarmac (Nyeri - Nyahuru Rd), the area is coming up so well, the chief’s camp is a stone through away (security is assured). The property is ripe to build ( above house is for a client's a great house). We only

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James Ploti’s Rising Fortunes via Optiven App – ShambaMkononi


Optiven App has now become the talk of town due to its sure way of allowing those who have downloaded the App to earn passive income, especially now many of us are working at home.  One person who is taking full advantage of Optiven App is James. Currently with over 400 referrals under his belt,

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Download, Register & Earn a Passive Income


Making Money is Easy. What matters is your desire to follow your heart and a passion to explore. Optiven gives you a golden chance to explore the limitless possibilities. Some have already started charting this new territory. A case in point is an 18-year-old lady who made a clean Ksh 50k with the new technology

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Stay Home Be Safe


As you make passive income with Optiven App-Shamba Mkononi. Business has now shifted to our homes and on our Smart Phones. The offices are no longer the seat of power.  After all, lockdown does not mean businesses closure but rather, a change that we must all comply with. We, at Optiven continue to offer hundreds

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