There is FREEDOM that comes with owning a place to call home

This one of a kind offer will need you to deposit or redeem your installment with 995k. Automatically, you get a FREE WASHING MACHINE. Invest in any of our properties in Kiambu, Thika, Machakos, Kitengela, Konza and Kajiado township. Optiven projects are fully green so invest now and ng’arisha your house in style!

Projects on Offer

Happy Gardens , Kitengela

Happy Gardens - value added plots for sale in Kitengela
  • This project is strategically located near KAG University within a fully developed area with a well-established neighbourhood.
  • 1/8 Acre Residential plots at Ksh 1,795,000
  • 1/8 Acre Commercial plots at Ksh 1, 995,000
  • Pay a Deposit of Ksh 500,000 and balance in 12 Months
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Success Gardens, Gatanga Road

Success Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale along Gatanga Road
  • This very strategic property is right on tarmac and only 9 minutes drive from Thika Superhighway
  • Scenic Gardens that comes with unique value additions destined to be fully done in 24 months time
  • Cash Offer: Ksh 2.695M per 1/8 acre plot
  • Pay Ksh 700,000 deposit with the rest on installments
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Amani Ridge, The Place of Peace, Kiambu

Amani Ridge - value added plots for sale in Kiambu
  • The Jewel seats at Kiambu, Ruiru – Kamiti Road.
  • Price start from Ksh 7.2M to 12.834M
  • Pay 30% and Balance upto 12 months
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Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4, 5, Kitengela

Victory gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Kitengela
  • A gated community project with value added plots.
  • 1/8 Acre Special Offer of Ksh 2.495M
  • Pay Ksh 700,000 and Balance in 12 months
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Garden of Joy , Machakos County

Garden of Joy- Value Added Plots for sale in Machakos County
  • An all-inclusive community development located at the heart of Machakos County, off Kangundo road,
  • 1/8 Acre Residential plots at Ksh 1,495,000
  • 1/8 Acre Commercial plots at Ksh 1, 695,000
  • Pay a Deposit of Ksh 500,000 and balance in 12 Months
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Shalom Gardens – Kantafu

Shalom gardens - Sold out plots in Kantafu
  • This is a prime value added project that comes with a commercial center and power in the vicinity.
  • Shalom Gardens will be served by a borehole sank by Optiven and is fully secured by a fence
  • 1/8th Acre at Kshs 1,295,000
  • nstallments upto 6 Months
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Dollar Point Commercial Center , Kajiado

Dollar point- Value Added Commercial Plots for sale in Kajiado
  • Dollar Point is strategically located on tarmac, along Namanga highway  in a dominant business Hub.
  • This is a central congregation center, tourists stopover and professionals meeting point.
  • 1/8 acre Plots Cash Price of Ksh 1,500,000
  • Deposit 30% and balance in upto 24 months.
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Abundance Gardens – Konza

Abundance Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Konza
  • An epic property right on the tarmac Road and only 2.5km off Mombasa Road and Konza Technopolis fence.
  • The project has commercial plots adjacent to tarmac,  ideal for establishments such as petrol stations, shops, or hotels.
  • 1/8th Acre at Kshs 995,000 cash
  • Ksh 1,050,000 for 6 months payment.
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Vision Gardens, Konza

Vision Gardens - Sold out plots in Konza
  • Located only 5.2KM off the busy Mombasa Highway in the fast developing neighborhood of Machakos – Kola – Muuma Andu Hills
  • It is appropriate for rentals near the Konza Technopolis.
  • The property is sold as bare plots save for fencing.
  • 1/8 acre Plots Cash Price of Ksh 495,000
  • Ksh 525,000 if you pay in 6 months
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Furaha Farms – Kajiado County

Furaha Gardens- Sold out projects in Kajiado County
  • Extremely unique for any wise & futuristic investor who want to invest in this land
  • 1 Acre at Kshs 3,000,000
  • Affordable Installments
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Love Gardens, Kajiado Township

Love gardens - value added plots for sale in Kajiado
  • Access roads have been done to murram standard,
  • Borehole water is already on site and works on solarizing water tower at the project is ongoing
  • Cash Offer: Ksh 795,000
  • Installments  Ksh 995,000 with a 6 months payment plan
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