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Optiven Launches 349K Campaign


Leading real estate firm Optiven has this May launched a new campaign. Launching the campaign at the Optiven head office, Head of Sales, Rachael Ndunge advised that the campaign will reward investors with Ksh 10,000 as Cashback. The KamataPlotiNa349k campaign will apply to both new sales as well as redemption on all projects. According to

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The Great Oasis Nanyuki Road Upgrade


The work is aggressively going on extremely well. The Engineering team are on the ground grading the roads to improve accessibility to each plot. We thank God for His favour Invest with us Call: 0790 300 300 Email:

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Shukrani kwa Kuja Nanyuki


We value you for finding the time to join us for our grand Open Day at the Great Oasis by Optiven. As the Optiven family we look forward to hosting you as you invest in this great project. SHUKRANI from All of Us. #GreatOasisbyOptiven #BiggerIsBetter #KwamuaMaono For more information, visit Call:  0790 300 300

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Biggest Entertainment Centre to be Established at The Great Oasis Gardens -Nanyuki


Optiven has amazing and extra ordinary plans for the current project in Nanyuki. The project viz The Great Oasis Gardens – Nanyuki, is strategically located at only few minutes from the famous The Cedar Mall Nanyuki.  Optiven will not only sell plots here but will set up the biggest entertainment center for children within this

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Optiven Enters Nanyuki With Mega Trasformative Project


The official launch of the newest project in Nanyuki, now signals a brand new delivery of transformation by Optiven. The mega project is already taking shape with over 100 acres currently being fenced, internal road network being done and the subdivision complete with beaconing presently underway. The spectacular project dubbed, The Great Oasis by Optiven,

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Optiven’s Makes Grand Entry into Nanyuki amidst massive infrastructure


Nanyuki is a highly desired region from as far back as 1903. Most white settlers preferred to call it home. They camped here for their holidays and it's no secret that up to date, this is a top destination for amongst other reasons, road trips. This strong Nanyuki's magnet comes as a result of many

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The Great Oasis Gardens : The Place of Happiness – Nanyuki


BIGGER is BETTER What can you do on your large parcel of land that is perfectly situated just north of the Equator (0° 01' North)? The Great Oasis Gardens - Nanyuki  is located along the Nanyuki-Rumuruti Road, which has been proposed for tarmacking. Those who book early will get and secure a special

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James Ploti’s Rising Fortunes via Optiven App – ShambaMkononi


Optiven App has now become the talk of town due to its sure way of allowing those who have downloaded the App to earn passive income, especially now many of us are working at home.  One person who is taking full advantage of Optiven App is James. Currently with over 400 referrals under his belt,

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Download, Register & Earn a Passive Income


Making Money is Easy. What matters is your desire to follow your heart and a passion to explore. Optiven gives you a golden chance to explore the limitless possibilities. Some have already started charting this new territory. A case in point is an 18-year-old lady who made a clean Ksh 50k with the new technology

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Stay Home Be Safe


As you make passive income with Optiven App-Shamba Mkononi. Business has now shifted to our homes and on our Smart Phones. The offices are no longer the seat of power.  After all, lockdown does not mean businesses closure but rather, a change that we must all comply with. We, at Optiven continue to offer hundreds

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