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Shekinah Gardens gets Surprise Value Additions Upgrade Plus Brand New Name


It is good news for those who bought Shekinah Gardens in Kajiado as Optiven puts more resources to make this project better and ready to host stand-alone rental houses for the Kajiado township residential needs. Optiven engineers have camped here to construct a water tower, mesh fencing of the entire property and clearing up the

Shekinah Gardens gets Surprise Value Additions Upgrade Plus Brand New Name2022-05-24T12:57:11+00:00

Optiven launches Love Gardens with Cash Offer


The array of red covered the landscape on the outskirts of Kajiado County. The acacia tree selection, intertwined well with the natural shrubbery of the Masai plains as the team from Optiven real estate arrived at Love Gardens. Speaking at the project, Optiven CEO George Wachiuri lauded the Kajiado County government for it's support towards

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Love Gardens- Kajiado Township


This is a property that is within 2kms from Kajiado Town. It is suitable to house the growing population of the County headquarters. It is also an amazing place to set up stand alone homes for rentals. Love Gardens is ready for those who are keen to invest immediately and is within less than

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Shekinah Gardens Gets Surprise Bonus Value Additions


Optiven Engineers have now camped at Shekinah Gardens to start the fencing of the entire property (concrete poles & wire mesh). The concrete poles will be painted green as a sign of customer’s prosperity.  What's more, Optiven has entered into a contract with Weberworks to do the construction of a 15 meters tall water tower

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James Ploti’s Rising Fortunes via Optiven App – ShambaMkononi


Optiven App has now become the talk of town due to its sure way of allowing those who have downloaded the App to earn passive income, especially now many of us are working at home.  One person who is taking full advantage of Optiven App is James. Currently with over 400 referrals under his belt,

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Download, Register & Earn a Passive Income


Making Money is Easy. What matters is your desire to follow your heart and a passion to explore. Optiven gives you a golden chance to explore the limitless possibilities. Some have already started charting this new territory. A case in point is an 18-year-old lady who made a clean Ksh 50k with the new technology

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Stay Home Be Safe


As you make passive income with Optiven App-Shamba Mkononi. Business has now shifted to our homes and on our Smart Phones. The offices are no longer the seat of power.  After all, lockdown does not mean businesses closure but rather, a change that we must all comply with. We, at Optiven continue to offer hundreds

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Hope Gardens – Kajiado County


Hope Gardens is one of the Optiven’s project intended for the futuristic investors who envision to realize speedy capital gain on land investments. The property is strategically located in Kajiado County. Hope Gardens neighbors a well recognized high cost International School offering both International and 8-4-4 curriculum, better still the Kilimanjaro water(main pipe that

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Favour Gardens – Bisil, Kajiado County


 This is a prime property located in Kajiado County, Bisil area, about 105 Kms from Nairobi town. The project is only 3Kms off the Namanga highway in a great location where you can view Mt. Kilimanjaro in the morning. To help you keep the property for long without any worry of encroachment, it shall

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Eden Gardens – Kajiado County


Optiven Limited is providing yet another great investment in the upper part of the vibrant Kajiado Town in the headquarters of Kajiado County. This is a standard value added project that comes with power in the vicinity, will be served by the county water and will be fully secured by a fence. Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens – Kajiado County2022-06-06T12:57:32+00:00
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