Furahia na Optiven Campaign


Are you dreaming of owning a car, a plot or going on a fantasy holiday? Optiven is making this a reality. Invest in any of our projects in Kitengela, Thika, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado Township and Konza and stand a chance to win. Our projects are suitable for immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes or futuristic capital gain. We have also made them very affordable, hence you can find a project from as little as Ksh 495,000 with affordable installments.

A deposit of  Ksh 100,000 grants you 10 points. The more you deposit, the more your chances of winning!


Happy Gardens , Kitengela

Happy Gardens - value added plots for sale in Kitengela
  • This project is strategically located near KAG University within a fully developed area with a well-established neighbourhood.
  • 1/8 Acre Residential plots at Ksh 1,795,000
  • 1/8 Acre Commercial plots at Ksh 1, 995,000
  • Pay a Deposit of Ksh 500,000 and balance in 12 Months

Success Gardens, Gatanga Road

Success Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale along Gatanga Road
  • This very strategic property is right on tarmac and only 9 minutes drive from Thika Superhighway
  • Scenic Gardens that comes with unique value additions destined to be fully done in 24 months time
  • Cash Offer: Ksh 2.695M per 1/8 acre plot
  • Pay Ksh 700,000 deposit with the rest on installments

Amani Ridge, The Place of Peace, Kiambu

Amani Ridge - value added plots for sale in Kiambu
  • The Jewel seats at Kiambu, Ruiru – Kamiti Road.
  • Price start from Ksh 7.2M to 12.834M
  • Pay 30% and Balance upto 12 months

Celebration Gardens, Kitengela

Celebration Garden- Value Added Plots in Kitengela
  • The Jewel seats at Kitengela
  • Price start from Ksh 1.295M
  • Installments up to 12 months

Garden of Joy , Machakos County

Garden of Joy- Value Added Plots for sale in Machakos County
  • An all-inclusive community development located at the heart of Machakos County, off Kangundo road,
  • 1/8 Acre Residential plots at Ksh 1,495,000
  • 1/8 Acre Commercial plots at Ksh 1, 695,000
  • Pay a Deposit of Ksh 500,000 and balance in 12 Months

Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4, 5, Kitengela

Victory gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Kitengela
  • A gated community project with value added plots.
  • 1/8 Acre Special Offer of Ksh 2.495M
  • Pay Ksh 700,000 and Balance in 12 months

Dollar Point Commercial Center , Kajiado

Dollar point- Value Added Commercial Plots for sale in Kajiado
  • Dollar Point is strategically located on tarmac, along Namanga highway  in a dominant business Hub.
  • This is a central congregation center, tourists stopover and professionals meeting point.
  • 1/8 acre Plots Cash Price of Ksh 1,500,000
  • Deposit 30% and balance in upto 24 months.

Shalom Gardens – Kantafu

Shalom gardens - Sold out plots in Kantafu
  • This is a prime value added project that comes with a commercial center and power in the vicinity.
  • Shalom Gardens will be served by a borehole sank by Optiven and is fully secured by a fence
  • 1/8th Acre at Kshs 1,295,000
  • nstallments upto 6 Months

Vision Gardens, Konza

Vision Gardens - Sold out plots in Konza
  • Located only 5.2KM off the busy Mombasa Highway in the fast developing neighborhood of Machakos – Kola – Muuma Andu Hills
  • It is appropriate for rentals near the Konza Technopolis.
  • The property is sold as bare plots save for fencing.
  • 1/8 acre Plots Cash Price of Ksh 495,000
  • Ksh 525,000 if you pay in 6 months

Abundance Gardens – Konza

Abundance Gardens - Value Added Plots for sale in Konza
  • An epic property right on the tarmac Road and only 2.5km off Mombasa Road and Konza Technopolis fence.
  • The project has commercial plots adjacent to tarmac,  ideal for establishments such as petrol stations, shops, or hotels.
  • 1/8th Acre at Kshs 995,000 cash
  • Ksh 1,050,000 for 6 months payment.

Love Gardens, Kajiado Township

Love gardens - value added plots for sale in Kajiado
  • Access roads have been done to murram standard,
  • Borehole water is already on site and works on solarizing water tower at the project is ongoing
  • Cash Offer: Ksh 795,000
  • Installments  Ksh 995,000 with a 6 months payment plan

Furaha Farms – Kajiado County

Furaha Gardens- Sold out projects in Kajiado County
  • Extremely unique for any wise & futuristic investor who want to invest in this land
  • 1 Acre at Kshs 3,000,000
  • Affordable Installments

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