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How to start the Journey towards Property Investment


Property acquisition is the dream of every individual. The journey starts from simple steps and these steps end up being of great success. In the past we have seen companies like Optiven encouraging potential investors from ages 13 years to invest. We have seen campaigns like PataPlotiB440@40. Such campaigns activate the minds of individuals to

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5 Investment Tips For Beginners


If you want to make headway on building your wealth, simply saving money might not be enough. Your next move to maximize your savings should be to begin investing. Investing is an important building block of a sound financial future and can help you get higher returns from your money, than you’d get from a savings

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5 Reasons why you should make Optiven your real estate partner


For 18 years now, Optiven has been changing the lives of its clients, inspiring families, as well as empowering Kenyans to free themselves from poverty. Many have given testimonials attesting to this and stated why they have chosen Optiven for all their real estate needs. Here are some of the reasons Optiven should be your

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Factors to considers when engaging a real estate company


Shopping for a legitimate real estate company is very important, because you obviously want the best – somewhere you will get value for your money, a company that will make you a priority as a customer, is trustworthy and transparent with its clients. In this article, we shall share some tips on the factors to

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What next after buying your plot?


You have finally got your piece of land. You probably had to use all your savings to secure that ideal piece of land and you are thinking what next? How can I get back what I used considering this is not really going to generate income to me on a daily as a small business

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The State of Real Estate in Kenya


Across the emerging markets, real estate is coming of age. Infrastructure development, young demographics and strong economic fundamentals have fueled the rapid growth of property sectors in these regions.  As a result the counties are fast emerging as the next frontier for property investors.

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